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OMC has teamed up with some of the most amazing artists in the game for this, (pun totally intended 😉)! From @llstarcasterll to @bloodydamnit, @masslowart and @feluart .. @oblivionsdream and @unholyrodeo .. and this is just a few of them! I mean.. it’s literally a dream team, think Foxes circa 2007 championship game..


You can expect items you’ve never seen before from OMC and items we feature in every box. Honestly, is it even an OMC box if there’s not a mug and booksleeve?? And is it really an AFTG box without a fluffy mascot included.. 👀


We’ve also partnered with @blueforestblackmoon to create not one but TWO gorgeous candles that will be in every box! Please note there is NSFW art pieces inside this box!

All for the Game Merch Box


    Returns, Refunds & Exchanges
    At this time Obsidian Moon Crate does NOT accept returns or exchanges of any products, nor do they offer refunds for any box purchases.


    If a product arrives damaged please contact us at with a detailed description of the damage and photos.

    If an item has slight cosmetic damage that does not impede the use, the item will NOT be refunded or exchanged.

    If a book has slight damage, such a scuffs, slight bending of the edges, or slightly crinkled dust jackets, the book will NOT be refunded or exchanged.

    However, if a book or item arrives damaged to a degree that we deem truly damaged we will send you a new copy/item free of shipping charges, although, Obsidian Moon Crate is still not liable for any fees accumulated after item is shipped. 


    International Shipping Fees
    Obsidian Moon Crate is not liable for any shipping or international customs fees your order my accumulate after it is shipped.

    Obsidian Moon Crate is NOT liable for any items returned to sender!

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