Follow us to the Darker Side of the Rainbow... It is my absolute HONOR to announce the featured book for our June 2022 Box, Queer AF 2.0 - The Darker Side of the Rainbow, will be Hell Followed with Us by Andrew Joseph White. Our edition will have sprayed edges by our most favorite @bookish_signs, an author letter, and exclusive signed bookplates!


Now Coven, before we go further you need to know this book does contain some serious triggers. This list is pulled straight from the author's review on Goodreads.. 

Content Warnings:
* Violence (explicit gore, arson, murder and mass murder including children, warfare, terrorism)
* Body horror
* Transphobia (misgendering, dead-naming with name written out repeatedly, threats of transphobic violence, forced detransition)
* Religious abuse/Christian terrorism, combined with elements of eco-fascism
* Abusive parents and domestic partner violence (including returning to an abusive partner and victim self-blame)
* Self-injury (including attempted suicide of a side character)
* Emetophobia (vomiting) warning throughout

Our featured fandoms this month will include Dark Rise, The Witch King, She Who Become the Sun, Gideon the Ninth, and three more that we’ll leave as a surprise! Our June box will contain a STUNNING Dark Rise mug by @llstarcasterll, an adorable item straight from the pages of Hell Followed With Us by @chooselovebooks, and a never before seen sister collab from @wickandjanecandles and @blueforestblackmoon! 


NOTE: This is a PREORDER - these boxes will not ship until late June 2022! 



Queer AF 2.0 - The Darker Side of the Rainbow


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