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General Shipping Information

All shoppe orders have a 7 business day processing time. If your order is a pre-order or a subscription box, this processing time does not apply. If you do not receive a tracking number and shipping confirmation within 7 business days of placing your order, please email us at with your order number in the subject. 

If you're an international Coven member, please be patient with shipping, as these go out to UPS in master cartons. The master cartons are scanned in and then sent to their respective countries. Once the boxes clear customs the singular, UPS tracking will start updating. You will not see tracking updates until your box enters or clears customs.

Preorder & Subscription Box
Shipping Updates


Obsidian Moon Crate

Obsidian Flame Crate

9/28 - June Queer AF 3.0 box:


9/28 - The March Notebook:


9/28 ~ AFTG Mug Preorder:

We are awaiting these from the manufacturer. 

As soon as they arrive, we will get them shipped out.

9/28 ~ September Box:

We are awaiting the candles and the enamel pins. Once we get them, we will start boxing immediately. We are hoping to ship the second week of October.

9/28 - The Spirit Jersey Preorder:

We are awaiting these from the manufacturer. 

As soon as they arrive, we will get them shipped out.

9/28 - The Onley Box:

We are expecting all final products and books to be in before the end of October! Once we have these we will begin shipping by tiers! Starting with the smallest and working our way to the largest tier. 


We will not be accepting refund requests for these. I know that it may be upsetting to a few, but we hold preorders in order to pay for the products of what you are ordering. Once preorders are closed, that money goes directly into creating these products. As a small business, we do not carry overhead capital to refund preorders like these. It would quite literally bankrupt us to refund these. That is why we only offer refunds until the preorder time closes. Like I said, I know it may be upsetting, however we are doing absolutely everything within our power to make this right and get these boxes out to you asap. Rachel and I are obsessively passionate about this project, the fact that it is having so many issues hurts us more than you could imagine, but we will get through this and you all will have your gorgeous items and book as soon as humanly possible. 

9/28 - The July Box:

We are expecting to ship before the end of October!

9/28 - The October Box:

We are hopeful to have these out before the end of November!

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