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General Shipping Information

All shoppe orders have a 7 business day processing time. If your order is a pre-order or a subscription box, this processing time does not apply. If you do not receive a tracking number and shipping confirmation within 7 business days of placing your order, please email us at with your order number in the subject. 

Preorder & Subscription Box
Shipping Updates


Obsidian Moon Crate

All for the Game Box:
1/21 -
The All for the Game boxes have all shipped.

If you're an international Coven member who purchased the AFTG box, please be patient with shipping, as these go out to UPS in master cartons. The master cartons are scanned in and then sent to their respective countries. Once the boxes clear customs the singular, UPS tracking will start updating. You will not see tracking updates until your box enters or clears customs.

Obsidian Flame Crate

January Sub Box:
1/21 - The January boxes are set to ship the last week of February due to production delays with multiple manufacturers in China because of their resurgence of Covid-19 cases.

December Sub Box:
 - The re-ordered item has arrived! We are now getting everything boxed up with love and care. Everyone will have their tracking numbers next week! If you haven’t received a tracking number by Jan 30th, please email us! Thank you all for being so patient during this delay


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