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General Shipping Information

All shoppe orders have a 10-14 business day processing time.
If your order is a pre-order or a subscription box, this processing time does not apply. If you do not receive a tracking number and shipping confirmation within 14 business days of placing your order, please email us at with your order number in the subject. 

If you're an international Coven member, please be patient with shipping, as these go out to UPS in master cartons. The master cartons are scanned in and then sent to their respective countries. Once the boxes clear customs the singular, UPS tracking will start updating. You will not see tracking updates until your box enters or clears customs.

Preorder & Subscription Box
Shipping Updates


Obsidian Moon Crate

Obsidian Flame Crate

03/12- December OMC:
the December OMC box is delayed significantly due to the mug. As most of you know, we have been encountering multiple issues with our mug manufacturer as of late. Between shut downs in their warehouse and communications going unanswered. At this moment, I am hopeful we will be able to receive the mugs in the next few months. However, if we don’t receive them by the end of March, I will ship the boxes without them and go from there with refund options. At the moment we are not offering refunds as the money has already been spent on the mugs. 
03/12 - The OTP Box:
Firstly, there has been quite a bit of confusion between the OTP box and the Onley James box. The OTP box was originally scheduled to ship the end of February of 2024. The Onley James box was scheduled to ship in late August of 2023. As you all know, we didn’t start shipping those until late November.
The OTP box and the Onley James box are not the same box. There is an Onley James item in the OFC side of OTP, but that is the extent of her partnership in that box.
Secondly, and most importantly, the OTP box will be facing delays. We were hopeful to get everything out at the end of February, but that will not be possible due to delays all over the place — some with shipping, some with manufacturing, and some falling on my shoulders.
As of right now, we are hoping it will not be a lengthy delay. All of the items have been paid for and are on order. We are just awaiting their arrivals. In saying that, I also need to address that refunds will not be granted. We do not have capital to refund boxes due to delays, because every penny is spent on making these boxes. That is why we only offer a refund period while the preorder is open. Once it closes that money goes directly to making the products.
In the interest of full transparency, I personally do not even pay myself out of the revenue that comes in with box purchases. I put every single dollar to use to make sure you are getting the best box possible.
We all know shopping small businesses is the life blood of our bookish community, but we have to remember that shopping small also comes with the pushes and pulls of delays and other not so fun factors.
Delays suck and we all hate them, but the boxes are worth the wait.

02/17 - The October Box:
Shipped. Please give tracking until this Friday to update before emailing. 

02/17 - The OFC January Box:
The OFC January box is facing delays. Unfortunately, the artist we commissioned for the biggest item in the box dropped our commission at the very last possible moment due to unforeseen circumstances. Enchanted Ink box:

03/12 - Enchanted Ink Box:
Unfortunately, the book manufacturer has been severely delayed, which has been causing all of our book orders to be pushed back by months at a time. We are hopeful to have these out to you by Spring. I am so very sorry for the delays that continue to run rampant. We are doing everything we can to combat these delays. Unfortunately, some things are beyond our control. I will keep everyone informed. As soon as I know a definite ship date, I will let you all know. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Delays have become the nature of the beast lately and we are doing everything in our power to combat these. I will have more information on the January box shortly. But, as of right now, I believe we are looking at a March ship date. 

02/17 - The Enchanted Ink Box: As you know, this box is supposed to ship in February. Unfortunately, the book manufacturer has been severely delayed, which has been causing all of our book orders to be pushed back by months at a time. We are hopeful to have these out to you before Spring. 

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