Shipping Updates

Updated 1/08/2022

Tarot Decks

The tarot decks are still being held at the port due to the new Covid variant Omicron. I know this is the last thing any one wants to hear. We are all anxious to receive these decks and I can not thank you enough for your continued patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. I assure you all that Obsidian is doing everything we can to make sure that these get to us and ship out to you as soon as possible. It feels like everything that could’ve went wrong with these has. But we’re on the last leg of this thing and will hopefully see them being cleared and shipped to us in the next week or two. If you wish to see any type of proof of this, just let us know. I know it’s difficult to trust things right now and I want you all to have complete confidence in OMC and know that we will not abandon this and you will get your tarot decks no matter what.

'Our Lord & Savior Jay Kristoff' boxes

The restock ‘Our Lord & Savior Jay Kristoff’ boxes have shipped.

We still have a few available in the shop for purchase!

 December 'Dark as a Winter Night' boxes 

The December ‘Dark as a Winter Night’ box have shipped. 

We still have a few available in the shop for purchase!